We make high quality plugs with the freshest designs in the land.

As well as making and selling custom plugs on our online store, we supply piercers and jewellers all across the UK.

For wholesale information please email us at:

Run a clothing company? In a kick ass band? We can design and manufacture plugs with your own design on in sizes 6mm-40mm at wholesale prices.

Email us for a quote at: wholesale@ukcustomplugs.co.uk

Low Minimums, Not A Problem!

Keep your eyes peeled for sneak previews of new designs and competitions exclusive to our Facebook page.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
New phone cases online now at www.ukcustomplugs.co.uk #phonecase #iphone #iphone4 #iphone5

New phone cases online now at www.ukcustomplugs.co.uk #phonecase #iphone #iphone4 #iphone5


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